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    Stainless Steel Triple Burner Pan Kits

    Our stainless steel Triple Row burner pan kits come complete with everything you need to start your Liquid Propane (LP) outdoor fire pit project. What could be easier than using a 20 lb portable tank (BBQ style) to get started. First we start with the highest grade 304 stainless steel so your burner will remain trouble free in the outdoors. With three rows of burners you get 33% more flames than the other guy’s burner. The 14” wide flat pan provides a stable base for your burner. Our burner comes with a ½” hub on both ends allowing you to connect from either side.

    There are many different ways to build your fire pit one way is to lay a base of lava rock and place our burner pan directly on top of the lava rocks. Now either place more lava rocks over the top of the pan or for the most incredible fire display pour Dreffco fire glass crystals over the top of the burner covering it by 1-2“ of glass.

    Our connection kit has been assembled using matching components to assure the best performance i.e. Non-Whistle flex line and a high-flow keyed main shut off ball valve. All this adds up to exactly what you’re looking for in a flame burner, the highest possible flames.

    Please note that your incoming gas line size needs to be matched to the size of burner you want. We strongly recommend that all gas products be installed and serviced by professionals that have been certified by the NFI or WETT. The installer must conform to any and all State and/or local codes.

      18" PC Triple
    • Dims: 16.5" x14" x1.75"
    • 60K BTU
    • 1/2" Hub
    • Suggested supply line; 1/2"
      24" PC Triple
    • Dims: 22.5" x14" x1.75"
    • 72K BTU
    • 1/2" Hub
    • Suggested supply line; 1/2"
      30" PC Triple
    • Dims: 28.5" x14" x1.75"
    • 72K BTU
    • 1/2" Hub
    • Suggested supply line; 1/2"
      36" PC Triple
    • Dims: 34.25" x14" x1.75"
    • 80K BTU
    • 1/2" Hub
    • Suggested supply line; 1/2"

    *PC = Powder Coated

    The following specifications are based on our rings and not just a similar size ring. BTU ratings and suggested supply line sizes are estimates. The type of gas, supply line distance, altitude, ect will all effect tolerance.

    • Stainless Triple Burner
    • 60" Gas Hose w/ Regulator
    • 36" Gas Hose
    • 3/8" Ball Valve w/ Chrome Face Plate
    • 90K BTU LP Air Mixer