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    The last thing you want from your fire pit is an annoying whistling noise the ruins the atmosphere. At Dreffco, we have the perfect solution. Our Non-Whistle Flex Gas Lines will eliminate any whistling noise you may be hearing, while still providing the superior results you expect. These lines are ideal for burner pans, rings, hearth kits and come in a large selection of sizes to choose from. Start enjoying your fire pit again by taking advantage of our non-whistle gas lines.

    • Flex Connection Gas Line
    • Guaranteed Not To Whistle
    • For Hearth Kits, Burner Pans and Burner Rings

      3/8" Lines- 3/8" OD and 1/4" ID with 3/8" Female Flared Ends. Accepts all 3/8" flared fittings. 1/2" Lines- 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID with 1/2" Female Flared Ends. Accepts all 1/2" flared fittings. 3/4" Lines- 5/8" OD and 1/2" ID with 3/4" Female Flared Ends. Accepts all 3/4" flared fittings.
    Non-Whistle flex lines actual length without fittings:
  • 12" - 9.75"
  • 18" - 16.75"
  • 24" - 22.25"
  • 30" - 28.75"
  • 36" - 34.75
    • Flexline
    • NPT Male fitting
    • Flared Female fitting
    dreffco testimonial from Cheryl
    Provided outstanding customer service, an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Cheryl M
    dreffco testimonial from Cheryl
    Product was perfect, shipping was excellent, recommend this business to all!
    Jeff C